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Keno is the Vegas lotto game that spread to the Neon City from mystical ancient roots in the Far East – picking up fame and delivering random fortunes where ever it was played. Check out some fascinating keno facts, and see the thrill of the latest keno revolution – on the web!

Cool keno facts

  • Few people know that keno was once called Horse Keno – and was introduced at race tracks in the USA, as a means of letting casual punters have a crack at big wins on the horses. By using randomly numbered cards to relate to the horses in each race, keno gaming delivered a unique lotto experience.
  • Keno was the original big hitting Las Vegas jackpot lotto games, and became world famous when it started paying out tens of thousands in jackpot rewards to total novices. Ever since, the game has had a magical Vegas vibe, all over the globe – played on both electronic consoles and in live keno parlours.
  • Keno’s fame isn’t just a horse whisper – it’s paid out more record breaking jackpot payouts than any other casino based lotto!
  • Keno is totally unique when compared to other lotto games like bingo gaming. It’s played with numbers 1-80 and you get to pick 1-15 numbers – meaning you can influence your own payout fate!

Online keno gaming

Online keno has become all the rage, replicating the real video keno games of the Las Vegas Strip. Online keno can be played for pennies or high stakes – and payouts can be equally exotic, ranging from low level pennies to tens or even hundreds of thousand on the big progressive jackpot machines.

Keno tips

Ultimately – the aim of keno is to craft a ticket and keep your fingers crossed that when the 20 keno numbers are picked, you form a winning combo. Natural, you need a visit from lady luck to win pennies or jackpot rewards – but using simple keno tips could tip the edge in your favour.

Locate lady luck

Lucky keno picks could become a reality if you believe the words of one famous mathematician – Andrucci. In fact, his theory of order among chaos dictates that all keno numbers will hit periods of order, literally meaning they could win more than their probability predicts! So, surf to the live statistics function, and pick out the winning numbers with a high frequency in the keno session – and put the theory to the test.

Multi-card keno

Like all lotto games, there’s one simple way to boost your winning edge – play with more than one card! Naturally, this doesn’t guarantee a winning combination, but it does boost the fun and logically increases the probability of finding winning keno numbers. Experiment with free-play keno bonuses to find the best multi-card gaming strategies for keno.