Many gamers surf past the Keno screens, with a little bit of wonderment! ‘What’s it all about, it looks cool but maybe it’s not for me’! However, it’s time to stop missing out on the chill-out kudos of keno, because it’s one of the most enjoyable and interesting parlour games in existence. What’s more – it can pack a real payout punch – check it out.

Keno – direct from the Vegas Strip!

Keno is a hugely popular game in Vegas – especially so since the advent of video keno games, which deliver fruit machine speed and glitzy lotto action and jackpots which can be worth hundreds of thousands! The web has proved to be another Keno hot spot, with the keno games replicating the madness of Vegas arcades. The beauty of keno is the fact that’s it’s a unique lotto game – offering players the chance to define their own gaming success – by picking their own numbers (pick 3-10 numbers from 0-180). So – bring on all your lucky numbers!

Keno strategy kudos?

While keno may seem a strange location to find strategic gamers, there are thousands of keno regulars who claim to get more numbers on their tickets by using some elements of strategic selection! What’s more, some of these systems, even have some statistical power! Check them out and try them out – who knows if they really work or it’s just coincidence?

Strategy 1 – Andrucci keno

The Andrucci system is a gambling strategy commonly used in games like roulette – so what’s it doing in the keno lounge? Well, all the theory really suggests, is that there will be pockets of order among chaos – and there’s nothing more chaotic than 180 keno numbers being randomized! The pockets of order are the frequently winning numbers, which can be predicted to go through hot and cold spells. So – scroll to the stats pages and find the frequent winners in the current session – and put them on your tickets.

Strategy 2 – Multi-ticket gaming

This is a very simple and logical strategy – if you play with more cards, you’ll spread your hopes of getting lucky numbers. Of course, there’s no guarantee that you’ll win, so don’t use many high priced tickets!

Strategy 3 – Number series keno tickets

Have you ever watched lotto games and seen numbers like 1,2,3 and 34,35,36 winning? Well, we have for sure – and these types of consecutive numbers really do seem to win more than their fair share. It’s almost spooky!
You can often find free casino bonuses, meaning you can trial run keno risk-free – and get the vibe of Vegas in your own home.