Will Cyber Gambling Ban

With the move in Congress to try and ban cyber gambling in motion, it is not difficult to understand the problems that can be created from gambling online. Gambling addictions can slide out of control as there is no tangible currency in online casinos. In a regular casino you stop as soon as the chips run out or your wallet is empty.

Cyber gambling also makes identity fraud an easier option. It is possible for underage gamblers to take their parents identity and credit cards and rack up huge debts. For those with gambling addictions the internet casino is a dangerous place as the gambler can game 24/7.

Despite all these risks to vulnerable gamblers, will the banning of cyber gambling make the problem go away?

The simple answer is no. We only need to look at the result of prohibition to see this, everything was just pushed underground. The country is full of alcoholics and even underage alcoholics but we don’t close down the all the liquor stores and distilleries.

The good intentions are totally understandable albeit a little misguided. Surely it is up to us as responsible citizens to take control of the situation and be more aware of what is going on in our own homes and to keep an eye on those individuals who are vulnerable to the lure of cyber gambling.

A worldwide study is in progress to monitor online casinos and the effect cyber gambling has on its users and their general life style. Many believe that Congress should only push for banning cyber gambling once this study has been completed and if the results show themselves to be detrimental to society, but this will still not eliminate the problem of addictive gambling.

Cyber gambling is like water. If you dam it, it will find a way to trickle through. The only way to deal with the problem is from the root and that is not banning something that most of the nation believe is their choice to do. We need to address the issues that are created from cyber gambling and deal with them, but not at the expense of the rest of the country.