Online Gambling

Online gambling is an increasingly popular leisure activity among online gamers, and with jackpot cash, skill gaming and awesome fun available – now’s the time to give it a try. Check out are top gambling tip review to get the most from online gambling.

Gambling staking levels

Whether your gambling focus is on fun or serious profit – slots or blackjack – how much cash should you wager on your bets? It’s a very subjective question, but what’s pretty obvious is that you need to find a balance in your gambling, between profit and risk. For example, if you decide to do some roulette gambling with a bank of £100, and bet on Red with £50, you’re taking a big risk, for a potentially sweet return. In contrast, if you staked £1, you’d be taking a small risk, for a 1% return. Most serious online gambling pro’s would suggest staking something like 0.5-2% of your bank per wager, level stakes. Pro gamblers compound their stakes after doubling their banks (for example, with £100 you gamble with £1 stakes, and if you get to £200, you bet with £2).

Gambling strategies

The key to profitable online gambling, for serious gamers – is via the use of strategies. For example, roulette, blackjack, video poker and poker are all games which can be played strategically, and for the skilled – yield some cool long-term profits. However, there are now thousands of casual gamers playing with strategies, and with so many available free on the web, there’s never been a better time to start experimenting. One potential problem with gambling strategies such as the Martingale system, is the need to use progressive loss recovery staking plans, which goes against the level staking with 1% of your bank concept. So, should you forget gambling systems like this? The answer is no, but check out the tip below before you give them a try.

Gambling stop-loss limits

Gambling is fun and exciting – but we can’t always win, and will inevitably run into bad gambling sessions (especially when experimenting with strategies). The solution to this problem of gambling, and indeed the route to potentiating long-term success, is to use a very strict stop loss limit. Fundamentally, you should gamble with a session stop loss level, such as quit if you lose 20% of your bank. In addition, when gaming with strategies, set specific stop loss limits – such as ‘quit a martingale chain after 5 losing wagers’. Managing your funds is so fundamentally important to gambling fun and rewards, that it should be the first thing you do! Experiment with free-play options and bonuses, to help you on your way.